GM Imports - Worst dealership ever

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I purchased a vehicle from G M Imports in November.The same day the engine and transmission went out while I was on the expressway.

I had to come out of $200 to tow my car home and then to the dealership. I had to call the private in order for them to answer the phone. They had the car in their personal shop for 2 weeks. I would call everyday to check the.progress and they would give me the run around.

The manager of the place is a horrible business man who wasnt even there when I purchased the car and he tried to tell me that I signed an as is paper but in actuality it was a 3 month warranty.

They are responsible for all repairs transmission and engine related for 3 months.Then the receptionist told us they were going to extend our warranty to 6 months.but quickly changed her soon as she was around the manager who is also her husband.

Review about: 1996 Cutlass Supreme.



They did the same thing to me except it was two cars in the transmission failed they are selling lemons and taking advantage of people you should feel like I did and Ripoff Report

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